Updates on active projects and related developments.

Cards and Comic available. print work

Finally printing on paper!

Digital printing system is now in proper order and traditional printing along with engraving and wood burning is soon to come. Current projects are expanding but progress is somewhat slow. All work so far can now be obtained in material form upon request.

  • Issue#1 of ZYX22: 25 glorious pages in full black and white!
  • Alchemical-Hermetic Tarot Cards: All trump cards plus 2 extra!
  • Misc: Any scraps/single comic page or card!
Working equipment so far is currently skeletal but several other functional systems are around the corner. New material will be made available as it is completed, mostly cards and one-off pieces for the forseeable future.

Updates will continue as events unfold.

Website is live! General

The code might not be pretty...

Most recent work is up and the material foundation for unfinished site features is actively in the works. The store and commission pages will be completed once primary etching and printing systems are solid, I intend to be capable of small scale publishing runs as well as traditional printmaking. It's been a long time coming so there's a variety of near finished and already complete projects that will be moving into production.
Within the foreseeable future there will be:

  • First edition black and white run of ongoing comic.
  • Full deck of Tarot Cards, hand printed original series.
  • Various traditional prints and plates, wood or intaglio.
  • Many more, even cooler things.
Once both antiquated and modern printing is active eventually some variety of electronic commerce will follow. While a system less primitive than post mailing dollar bills would be preferred a P.O. box will most likely be the first means of commission and distribution.
Besides general drawings and side projects the next comic and another deck of cards are on the agenda for the eventual next big thing. Over time progress will be made and the pages will be updated as both works develop.

Lastly big ups to all denizens of the ENCYCLOPEDIA ZONE for tech tips and spiritual guidance.

Lots is yet to come.

Illustration and other work of HSMVIII